About us

Introducing Green Man Sword – Surrey’s premier* traditional sword dancing team.  We have members  from a wide area of Surrey and South West London and practice at the Station pub in Stoneleigh, close to the London/Surrey border most Tuesday evenings from 8-10pm – find out more about joining us.  We welcome new dancers and musicians – no experience is necessary and we have an expert tutor on hand to guide you.


What we do

Rapper Sword

Rapper sword is a fun and fast-paced style of dance with interconnected dancers using a ‘rapper’ or short sword made of flexible sprung steel with a handle at each end. Its origins lie in North East England but it is now danced across the globe.


The UK has a strong tradition of Longsword dancing, with dances originating from the North of England and Scotland.

Longsword is a linked sword dance with dancers dancing as a team, weaving over and under the swords. The dance usually ends in a lock when the swords are woven togther, often in a star shape. It sounds more dangerous that it really is – spoliler alert, the ‘swords’ are actually blunt strips of steel so no pointy bits to worry about.

A typical longsword (top) and a rapper

Header image: Green Man Sword at Wimborne Folk festival courtesy of Ben Potton.